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Helpland has over 10 years of unrivalled experience within the landlord and tenant eviction industry.

We are a privately held, highly commended eviction business covering England, Scotland and Wales. Our speciality is helping landlords evict unwanted tenants as well as recovering rent arrears. We are also experts in tenant referencing, insurance and guarantees.

The number of properties that you own is unimportant, we pride ourselves in treating every case, regardless of size, with the efficiency and attention it deserves. We act for private and corporate landlords, letting agents, local authorities and housing associations, providing solutions to tenant problems and putting procedures into place to prevent the same issues arising again.

Why choose Helpland?

What our clients say

  • Pete Willcocks
    For the broker, insurer, underwriter or claims handler there is the added bonus that not only does the above approach from Helpland allow the clients expectations to be well managed and an excellent service provided, but via the fixed fees that Helpland offer there is the ability to accurately reserve and plan claims costs, resulting in accurate and stable underwriting figures, financial projections, and forecasts, something that every insurer strives for.
    Pete Willcocks
    BA (Hons) MSc Chartered Insurance Broker - Business Development Manager - Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services Limited
  • Matthew Finch
    We reviewed our legal suppliers a year ago and were introduced to Helpland for the issue of section 8 and 21 notices.

    We have been working with them since and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
    Matthew Finch
    Operations Director/Head of Tenancy and Accounts - Tenancy, Foxtons
  • Anna Shorten
    I have been using Helpland for a while now for property related legal advice and for serving of notices.

    I have been very pleased with the level of service provided by Helpland which includes prompt and informative responses and, as expected, a high level of knowledge which imparts confidence in both myself and our clients.
    Anna Shorten
    Property Manager - Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Wendy Myers
    I contacted Helpline because I wished to take court action against two tenants who left my property owing me a considerable amount of money.

    Fortunately for me Mark Noble answered the phone and his first words were ‘you have come to the right place’. He promised to get everything sorted for me and that is exactly what he did.  Mark took the strain and aggravation away from me and handled the process from the start.  His knowledge of the Court system was most reassuring. Mark dealt with the tenants and briefed me at every stage of his communication with them. The outcome appears to be a successful one with a commitment by the tenants to pay their debt monthly in instalments. Should they default at any point, I would not hesitate to contact Mark to re-initiate proceedings against them.

    A big thank you to Mark and his team whom I would highly recommend to anyone needing help, guidance and action in their debt recovery.
    Wendy Myers
    Owner, Wendy Myers Ltd
  • Julie Warren
    I would very much like to acknowledge and thank Mark from Helpland for taking and dealing with the stress caused by a tenant who wrecked my property before leaving, owing many thousands of pounds in rent. Mark's calm and reassuring approach completely diffused the stess that I was feeling. Just knowing that someone else, who knew what they were doing, and was going to deal with this when I really didn't know the procedure, was such a relief. I had made some mistakes in taking the action I thought was necessary, which added to my problem. He outlined the exact steps I should take, and told me what to expect.

    As luck would have, it, the following day, I had an email from the tenants to say they had vacated the property. Mark has now told me what I have to do, and again, I have some exact steps to take. I hope that this gets passed on as the relief I feel is beyond saying.

    Thanks once again to Helpland for their amazing support and services to Landlords.
    Julie Warren
    Private Landlady
  • James
    I recently had a tenant that owed me 10k & was then evicted from my property by HELPLAND, I then had to call the police as we found drugs & money which the police confiscated, I then contacted Helpland & Mark told me to make an application at court which worked & I was refunded £8k.

    All I can say is what an amazing service Helpland provided me. Mark told me there was a process we could use and assisted me with the application which I made and was awarded 8K at one of the most stressful times in my life they literally stepped up to the plate and completely resolved two huge issues for me, all at a reasonable cost. I cannot thank Mark & Lee enough.
    Private Landlord
  • Ms Faye Gira
    Helpland to the rescue!  We have a large portfolio of rental properties and approached Helpland for assistance with evicting a tenant under the recommendation of a business associate who had utilised their services.  Our query was picked up by Mark and we were absolutely blown away by the support he lent us embedded in what appeared to be vast and accurate experience in the real Estate Industry.

    Mark was articulate, knowledgeable, calm, honest and extremely passionate about us as customers.  Thanks to Mark our long standing grave problem was resolved smoothly upon implementing his professional advice of contacting the police as they were deemed as squatters, so after getting the Police involved even though this is a civil case the police attended the property as drug paraphernalia has been used which meant the tenants moved out while in attendance saving us months of waiting for a court order & a large investment of funds.  Mark picked up the phone and was present every step of the way handling the tremendous and difficult task in a calm and professional manner.

    We highly recommend this firm to all landlords and estate agents seeking a professional service with a guaranteed outcome.
    Ms Faye Gira
    Senior Property Manager
  • Raj Takhar
    Very professional service, friendly and caring. Highly recommended and would definitely use them again in the future. Customer service was excellent and prompt.
    Raj Takhar
    Montana Group

Your problems solved

What to do if tenants are in arrears

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Stress-free tenant evictions

£999.95 inc VAT

How we can help with debt recovery


£79.95 inc VAT

Take action against problem tenants now

Why work with us

  • 10 years experience
  • Fixed fees
  • Professional & swift service
  • Highly qualified team
  • Unbeatable success rate
  • Competitively priced


Give written notice to your tenant to leave. This is called a Section 8 Notice


If your tenant refuses to leave you can apply to the court for a possession order


The next step is asking for a warrant of execution and the court bailiffs can carry out the eviction


The court may delay or deny an eviction order if the correct procedures are not followed

Helpland are experts in assisting landlords to make the eviction process as smooth as possible.

Contact us now on 01923 884 050.


For your convenience, please find explanatory articles on tenancy agreements, acts, legal documents and rights.

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    AN UPDATE from HELPLAND that you REALLY need to read!

    The ban on residential evictions was extended again and this will remain until February 2021 “at least” according to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.
    This will be reviewed at that date. The ban continues with the exception of cases where tenants who
    have an excess of 9 MONTHS unpaid rent dating from before the arrival of Covid in March 2020.
    Such cases can go ahead unimpeded.

    Please note that procedures for enforcement of High Court writs of possession have changed!

    Court permission is no longer required to transfer your order to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Agent (HCEA),
    although an application will still need to be made, which Helpland will do on your behalf.

    This will make it far easier for landlords to use a High Court Enforcement Agent (HCEA) to undertake their eviction.
    HCEAs can frequently undertake the eviction far more quickly than county court bailiffs and are far more effective...

    What can we do?  There remains no ban on serving notices and issuing claims so CALL US today and find out how quickly we can help your situation!
    AND, of course, if you have a tenant with have an excess of 9 MONTHS unpaid rent dating from before the arrival of Covid in March 2020,
    we can help you straight away.

    01923 884 050     info@helpland.co.uk