Identifying Potential Cannabis Farms in Your Rental Property

A cannabis farm in a tenant's home
  • January 30, 2024

With the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit's report revealing nearly 500,000 cannabis growers in the UK, landlords must stay vigilant. Understanding the early indicators of a cannabis farm in your rental property is essential. Here are key signs to help you identify suspicious activities.

Intense Lighting: A Major Red Flag

Cannabis cultivation indoors demands significant artificial lighting, often leaving properties excessively illuminated, akin to a "Christmas Tree." Watch for windows consistently covered with blinds or curtains, a tactic tenants use to conceal this excessive light.

Excessive Heat: More Than Just Warmth

The extensive lighting used in cannabis farming generates substantial heat. Properties with cannabis farms might have rooftops clear of snow when neighbouring houses are covered. Advanced growers might use internal tents to contain this heat, but the external signs are still noticeable.

The Unmistakable Odor of Cannabis

The distinct aroma of cannabis, especially potent towards the end of its 4-harvest annual cycle, can be a clear indicator. In response, Crimestoppers has distributed "scratch and sniff" cards to help people recognise this unique smell.

Unusual Tenant Behaviour: Signs of a Concealed Operation

Properties used for cannabis farming often show signs of neglect, as they're uninhabitable. Indicators include minimal tenant activity, overgrown gardens, and a lack of everyday household routines like refuse collection. These signs might suggest more than just an "empty" property.

Immediate Actions for Landlords

If you suspect a cannabis farm on your property, act promptly. Contact the police or report anonymously to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111. Your vigilance as a landlord can play a pivotal role in curbing illegal activities.

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