Increasing Rent in Response to Rising Mortgages: A Guide for Landlords

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  • January 30, 2024

As a landlord, your property investment often hinges on the delicate balance between mortgage repayments and rental income. With recent fluctuations in mortgage rates, you might be contemplating a rent increase to maintain this balance. This blog post explores the legal framework and practical considerations for UK landlords considering rent adjustments in response to rising mortgage costs.

Understanding Legal Grounds and Tenancy Agreements:

Before initiating a rent increase, it's crucial to understand the legal grounds for doing so. In the UK, the process is governed by the terms of your tenancy agreement and housing laws. Fixed-term tenancy agreements may stipulate conditions for rent revision, while periodic tenancies often require a formal rent increase procedure.

Steps for Increasing Rent Legally and Ethically:

•    Review Your Tenancy Agreement: Check for clauses related to rent review and adhere to the outlined procedures.
•    Issue a Formal Notice: For periodic tenancies, serve a Section 13 notice informing tenants of the proposed increase.
•    Respect the Notice Period: Typically, landlords must provide at least one month's notice for monthly tenancies or six months for yearly ones.
•    Consult with Your Tenants: Engage in open communication to discuss the reasons behind the increase and address any concerns.

Best Practices for Implementing Rent Rises:

•    Market Comparison: Ensure the proposed rent aligns with similar properties in your area.
•    Tenant Consideration: Be mindful of the financial impact on your tenants and aim for a reasonable increment.
•    Transparency: Clearly explain the rationale behind the increase, linking it to mortgage rate changes.

Dealing with Potential Tenant Pushback:

Open Dialogue: Foster a constructive conversation to find mutually agreeable solutions.
Negotiation: Be open to negotiation, perhaps agreeing on a phased increase.
Legal Advice: If disputes arise, seek legal counsel to navigate the situation effectively.


Adjusting rent in response to increasing mortgage rates is a valid strategy for landlords, but it must be executed within the legal framework and with a degree of empathy towards tenants. By following the correct procedures and maintaining open communication, landlords can ensure a fair and transparent process.

For more detailed information on landlord rights and rent increase procedures, consider visiting: - Rent Increase Guidelines
Citizens Advice - Advice for Landlords on Rent Increases
National Residential Landlords Association for resources and support.

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